Thanksgiving ushers in the season of giving. Most people have their own traditions of turkey, stuffing, deserts, family, and friends. Many have their traditions of volunteering and giving to those in need. In my family we have given back in various ways including giving to United Way, helping out with Habitat for Humanity and packing and delivering platters of food to the homeless.

Last year, we did things a little different.

My husband works for a non-profit that helps children stay in school and become successful in life. This organization is great and helps hundreds of children in a variety of ways. They are very involved in the community schools and often times are the last line of defense when it comes to keeping the children safe and making sure that their needs are met. Along with book drives, book bag drives, coat drives, and other ways of giving, they also give food to families in need for the holiday.

Last year, my daughter and I were glad to become a part of their giving. 

Become A Part Of Giving

I was raised that we are to “train up a child in the way they should go”. Essentially, what you teach a child will follow them throughout their life. My 13-year-old daughter already has a big heart and loves to help others, but last year she had the opportunity to really feel it, ya know!

Well, our local Walmart donated $175 in gift cards to my husband’s job to help the organization feed families in need this Thanksgiving.  This money, in conjunction with the dinners being provided in conjunction with the Food Bank, would be a great help to so many families.

Knowing that I like to help others and that I sooo love to find deals, my husband volunteered my assistance in shopping for the food. So my daughter and I headed to Walmart with gift cards in hand, a written plan, and happy hearts.

As much as I like to find a great deal, my daughter loathes shopping! However, once she realized the cause…that we were helping the less fortunate, her attitude became one of gratitude. Yes, gratitude. We talked as we shopped and I tried to impart as many “nuggets of life wisdom” as possible. We talked about just how grateful we are to be physically and mentally able to help others. We also talked about the awesome feeling inside simply knowing that we are helping other children not simply fill an empty spot in their belly, but have a full Thanksgiving meal. So, we shopped.Spirit of Giving

Along the way, we talked to other shoppers and Walmart employees about our endeavor.

The joy spread!

In the end, we were able to get meals for 11 families…11 FAMILIES!!! With $175! The only thing not included in the meals was meat (we had to get nonperishable’s; turkeys were supplied by the local police). We provided 3 veggies, 3 starches, baking supplies, drinks, and dessert. In the end, my husband was amazed, people were helped, and my daughter has seen and experienced the joy of giving back and helping others.

Hopefully, this hands-on life lesson will follow her for the rest of her life. We now have a new tradition. Just imagine how many can be helped with $500! Maybe we’ll find out this year.

Our family wishes your family a Happy Thanksgiving!

Thanksgiving The Spirit of Giving


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